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The Internet used to be an archipelago of personal hyperspace islands. You surf around the web, visit others’ island, and they points you to other interesting islands to visit.

That’s what I’m doing here—point you to other people’s islands. If you find my island interesting, you’ll probably find these islands interesting too:

Practical Typography is a web book that efficiently introduces typography best-practices. I probably have mentioned it too many times.

null program is a blog about practical programming thoughts and experiences by Chris Wellons. I first knew of his blog from some of its Emacs blogs1. He also has some very helpful (and fun) tutorials, like A Tutorial on Portable Makefiles, and A Magnetized Needle and a Steady Hand.

NEVERLAND 是一个律师2的技术博客主要讲一些科技产品信息消费还有些别的东西我看到作者的第一篇文章就是别的东西——不要大喊大叫讲的是目前中文互联网上滥用标点符号以之突出文字的问题我还推荐这篇文章数字世界中的纸张——理解 PDF文章从最基础的概念开始对计算机技术不熟悉的人也能理解

The Type是个讲文字设计的项目他们有自己的期刊博客播客推荐对中文文字设计排印感兴趣的读者看看他们的孔雀计划系列和活字字体基础讲座系列


Below are some interesting articles that I read recently. Maybe they are interesting to you, too. The top ones are the most recent.

Rome: Decline and Fall? Part III: Things
The author talks about how bad was the decline of the Late Roman Empire into Middle Ages, and whether there was a decline at the first place. Of course, the answer is—as always—“it’s complicated”, but the three part series is still a fun read. The third part that I linked to is especially interesting, it answers many of my long-held questions that my Roman history class in college kind of glossed over.