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Easy Bindings when Region Is Active

In Emacs, "region active" means transient-mark-mode is on, which roughly means you selected some text. In this state, you can bind some "easy" bindings, i.e., bindings without modifiers. These easy bindings can greatly improve your text editing experience. Here is what I binded:

Key Operation
p yank (paste)
y kill-ring-save (copy)
C-y kill-ring-save (copy)
Y (copy but don't exist transient-mark-mode)
s isolate-quick-add
S isolate-long-add
d isolate-quick-delete
D isolate-long-delete
c isolate-quick-change
C isolate-long-change
f er/mark-defun (select function point)
w er/mark-word (select word at point)
W er/mark-symbol (select symbol at point)
P mark-paragraph (select paragraph at point)
q er/mark-inside-quotes (select inside quote)
Q er/mark-outside-quotes (select including quote)
b er/mark-inside-pairs (select inside pair)
B er/mark-outside-pairs (selct including pair)

Some remarks:

  1. I bind C-y to yank out side selection, so C-y pastes when nothing is selected and copies when something is selected.
  2. isolate-xxx commands are from isolate.el, basically evil-surround for vanilla Emacs.
  3. marking commands are like Vim text objects, I normally start region with set-mark-command and use these short cuts to select the text object that I want.

<2019-08-03 Sat> Update:


(defconst angel-transient-mode-map-alist
     ,@(let ((map (make-sparse-keymap)))
         ;; operations
         (define-key map "p" (lambda (b e)
                               (interactive "r") (delete-region b e) (yank)))
         (define-key map "x" #'exchange-point-and-mark)
         (define-key map ";" #'comment-dwim)
         (define-key map "y" #'kill-ring-save)
         (define-key map (kbd "C-y") #'kill-ring-save)
         (define-key map "Y" (lambda
                               (b e)
                               (interactive "r")
                               (kill-new (buffer-substring b e))
                               (message "Region saved")))
         ;; isolate
         (define-key map "s" #'isolate-quick-add)
         (define-key map "S" #'isolate-long-add)
         (define-key map "d" #'isolate-quick-delete)
         (define-key map "D" #'isolate-long-delete)
         (define-key map "c" #'isolate-quick-change)
         (define-key map "C" #'isolate-long-change)
         ;; mark things
         (define-key map "f" #'er/mark-defun)
         (define-key map "w" #'er/mark-word)
         (define-key map "W" #'er/mark-symbol)
         (define-key map "P" #'mark-paragraph)
         ;; inner & outer
         ;; (define-key map "C-i" inner-map)
         ;; (define-key map "C-a" outer-map)
         ;; (define-key inner-map "q" #'er/mark-inside-quotes)
         ;; (define-key outer-map "q" #'er/mark-outside-quotes)
         ;; (define-key inner-map "b" #'er/mark-inside-pairs)
         ;; (define-key outer-map "b" #'er/mark-outside-pairs)
         (define-key map "q" #'er/mark-inside-quotes)
         (define-key map "b" #'er/mark-inside-pairs)

         ;; expand-region
         (define-key map (kbd "C--") #'er/contract-region)
         (define-key map (kbd "C-=") #'er/expand-region)

(add-to-list 'emulation-mode-map-alists
             'angel-transient-mode-map-alist t)

Written by Yuan Fu

First Published in 2018-11-15 Thu 00:00

Last modified in 2020-08-20 Thu 13:12

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