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Adding a Like Button to My Static Blog

Many times when I read other’s blogs, I wish I can “like” their post to express my appreciation. Alas, most posts don’t have a like button, and the ones that do often require login for liking the post. Since I also want to know if anyone likes my posts (or rather “is anyone reading them?”), I decided to add like buttons to my posts, ones that don’t require login.

The idea is simple: add a button that makes a POST request to my server. For example, this button makes a POST request to /like with PATH = /note/2021/disappearing-image/index.html:

<form action="/like" method="post">
  <input type="text" name="path" hidden=""
  <button class="like" type="submit">❤ Like</button>

My server then records this like to my database, and I can query how many likes I received:

sqlite3 database.sqlite3 -box "select uri, count(*) as c \
from like \
group by uri order by c;"
│             uri             │ c │
│ /rock/day/day-56/index.html │ 3 │

For the confirmation screen, I had a few options:


Figure 1: Helvetica Neue Ultra Condensed


Figure 2: Helvetica Neue Ultra Condensed, white on black


Figure 3: Mechanically condensed Helvetica, white on black


Figure 4: Helvetica Ultra Condensed, white on pink

I first came up with figure 1. Then I wanted to give the reader a surprise, so I inverted the background to increase contrast in figure 2. Then I thought about using mechanically condensed font instead of normal condense to further increase contrast and tension in figure 3. Comparing figure 2 and 3, you can clearly feel the unnaturalness and discomfort of mechanically condensed fonts. No wonder EVA used it. But then I thought I just want to surprise the reader, not to make them uncomfortable, so I didn’t use figure 3 in the end.

But hey, like should be positive and warm and happy, what’s with the solemn black & white? My blog is already kinda boring with so less color. So I ended up changing the background to a warm pink.

Written by Yuan Fu

First Published in 2021-01-09 Sat 00:00

Last modified in 2021-02-02 Tue 10:25

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