This Site is Changing its Domain

Right now this site resides on, I really love the .cat TLD. Alas, .cat was never meant for generic use and my site doesn't comply to its requirements, which is to use and promote Catalan language and culture. I don’t want to wake up one day recieving a take down notice, however slim the possibility is. Plus, the longer this site uses this domain, the more backlinks to it, the harder to move on.

Moving forward, this site will be on I'll keep the .cat domain around for a few years. In the meantime the .cat domain will redirect to the .cc domain by 301 redirect. The whole site is archived on the Wayback Machine. Hopefully someone in the future clicking on my .cat link knows about Wayback Machine and can view the page.

If you have a link to the .cat domain, you might want to edit the link to point to the new domain. Sorry for the incovenience! Fortunately there are so few links to my site :-)